About Me

Kym Hart

Born 1963, Broke Hill. Kym is the second eldest son of Pro and Raylee Hart. Kym currently lives on Mount Tamborine, QLD, Australia with his wife Deborah and three sons Samuel, Zachary and Joshua..

Having an internationally recognised artist for a father was a real head start for Kym, with Pro’s incredible ability to teach and the influence of the multi million dollar art collection adorning the walls of the family home.Kym also had the opportunity to meet and work with many famous artists.

Kym started painting at a very early age, mainly in Broken Hill, enjoying the everchanging landscape with the heavy industrial influence of the mines and the tranquility of the Darling River system, adjoining lakes and billabongs which are prominent in many of Kym’s paintings.

Kym has painted a vast amount of subject matter and with his ability to paint in so many styles and mediums has won him acceptance in many collections the world over.